The difference between CNC mass processing and CNC small batch processing

First, the concept:
CNC batch processing refers to the industrial manufacturing behavior of producing 10-100 pieces of products or parts in one time using CNC machining technology.
In the current machining and manufacturing industry, there are countless CNC batch processing enterprises. At the moment of rapid development, there are two types of production: high-volume processing (production) and small-scale processing (production), that is, multi-variety, Single-piece, small-volume production and low-volume, high-volume production. The former accounts for about 70-85% of the total output value of the machinery industry, and is the main body of the machinery industry.

So how do we distinguish between what we need for high-volume processing and small batch processing? Refer to the information compiled by DEYUCNC Precision Manufacturing Company to analyze the difference between small batch processing and high volume processing:
Second, the specific distinction:

2.1 Mass processing:
High-volume processing is usually in the tens of thousands, and the product needs to be opened. Large-scale processing is about to open molds: such as plastic molds, die-casting molds, cold stamping molds, and so on. Tooling: special fixtures such as milling fixtures, grinding fixtures, vehicle fixtures, and drill fixtures for fitters. In short, the efficiency of their processing is greatly different.

2.2 Small batch processing:
In industrial production, involving materials, processes, costs, quantity of use, etc., many parts cannot be mass-produced by machines, so small-scale or small-scale processing is required through some special processes. The middle may also involve manual processing. Generally, it mainly uses CNC, rapid mold, vacuum silicone mold and other processes to achieve small batch production.

Small batch processing varies from ones to three digits, either by simple mold, soft mold, or directly. Small batch processing is generally the usual machining process of car, milling, planing, grinding, pliers, etc., the trimming of the fitter, drawing lines, punching, tapping, etc. Representative industries include aviation, aerospace industry, shipbuilding industry, construction machinery industry, and machine tool industry. The typical representative of mass production is the automotive industry, while the prototypes of new models and engines in the automotive industry, as well as the mold industry, which is mainly used for mass production, are still in small batch production.

Small batch production can save time and material costs and speed up the time to market. Small batch production is inseparable from the hand model. The hand model is the premise of small batch processing, while the small batch processing is based on the hand model.

Focus on small batch processing, to a large extent to meet more personalized product customization. The progress of social civilization, the improvement of people’s daily life level, gradually surfaced in the pursuit of individualized materials. Personalized life, personalized products, can reflect the colorful life rhythm. In the industry, small batch processing uses CNC, milling machines, lathes and other industrial methods to achieve personalized products with deeper precision. In industrial processing, it is also faster and higher quality to meet the needs of our customers.

Third, how to choose:
At present, the factories that provide batch processing services to customers in the market are numerous, and general batch processing companies should be able to undertake various types of materials, various processes, hand-made model processing and small batch processing in various industries. To provide customers with common small-volume processing of plastic parts and small-volume processing of hardware, as well as industrial non-standard parts processing services. Knowing the high volume processing and small batch processing, we can better find the factories and companies that serve us. With the maturity and perfection of industrial equipment, the current hardware equipment is not the most important factor. When choosing a company, we should pay more attention to whether its management is standardized and whether the service is in place.