What are the advantages of CNC small batch processing ?

1. CNC small batch processing accuracy: CNC machine tools are highly integrated mechatronic products. It consists of precision machinery and an automated control system. Therefore, the transmission system of the machine tool and the structure of the machine tool have high rigidity and thermal stability. When the transmission structure is redesigned, measures to reduce the error are taken and compensated by the numerical control device, so the numerical control machine tool has higher machining precision. CNC machine tools are not limited by the complexity of the parts, which is not comparable to ordinary machine tools. Since the CNC machine tool is automatically processed according to the programmed program, the operator’s human error is eliminated, the consistency of the processing dimensions of the same batch of parts is improved, the processing quality is stable, and the product qualification rate is high. For parts that require multiple processes, one-time clamping can perform continuous processing in multiple processes, reducing the clamping error and improving the machining accuracy of the parts.

2.CNC small batch processing has high productivity: CNC machine tools have good rigidity, can carry out strong cutting, and the fast stroke can be used for fast travel, saving maneuver and idle travel time. CNC machine tool feed and spindle speed range are large, you can choose the most reasonable cutting amount. Machining parts on CNC machine tools requires low fixtures and requires no complicated adjustments. The CNC machine tools have high repeatability, which greatly shortens the production preparation cycle and saves measurement and inspection time. Therefore, CNC machine tools are much more productive than ordinary machine tools. If the machining center is used, automatic tool change is realized, and the rotary table is automatically changed, so that multiple machining processes can be realized on one machine tool, and the cycle time of the semi-finished products is shortened, and the production efficiency is particularly improved.

3. CNC small batch processing has strong adaptability to the processing object: the control information for automatic machining on the CNC machine tool is the machining program. When the machining object is changed, in addition to the corresponding tool change and the solution clamping method, as long as the machining program of the part is rewritten and input, the new part can be automatically machined without any complicated adjustment of the machine tool, thus shortening the production. The preparation cycle provides a shortcut for the development of new products and the improvement and modification of products.

4.CNC small batch processing reduces labor intensity and improves working conditions: CNC machine tools are used for processing. First, the machining program is programmed according to the drawings, then the program, the debugging program, the clamping parts are processed, the machining process is observed and the parts are loaded and unloaded. In addition, there is no need for heavy repetitive manual operations, labor intensity and tension can be greatly reduced, and labor conditions are correspondingly improved.

5.CNC small batch processing has good economic benefits: when changing the machining object on the CNC machine, it only needs to rewrite the machining program, no need to update the machine tools, tools, fixtures and molds, saving a lot of process equipment costs. Moreover, due to high processing precision, stable quality, reduced scrap rate, reduced production cost, and high productivity, good economic benefits can be obtained.

6.CNC small batch processing is easy to establish computer communication network: Because CNC machine tools use digital information, it is easy to connect with computer aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) system, forming a computer-aided design and manufacturing system integrated with CNC machine tools.