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Case Studies

CNC Machine Shop Case Studies

5 Axis and EDM Machining Services Producing Incredibly Complex Components Meeting Your Tight Tolerance and High Precision Demands

Learn about the complex components DEYUCNC has machined for a number of clients By browsing the case studies below. From small intricate parts for medical devices to a collimator with approximately 1000 small holes -each hole machined at a different angle than the proceeding hole to create a single focal point- DEYUCNC achieves incredible tolerances “normal” machine shops cannot accomplish. Our dedicated and experienced staff, paired with the best CNC machines available on the market, allows DEYUCNC to meet the exact specifications (no matter how complex) our clients’ components require. If you have problem parts, are in a hurry to get your prototype developed, or have complex tolerances other CNC machinists think impossible to achieve – call DEYUCNC. We will do what they cannot, making the impossible possible.E

Contact the machinists at DEYUCNC to learn more about the work we have done or to discuss your CNC machining needs.