What kind of material milling cutter is used for processing stainless steel in machining center?

Carbide is used to process stainless steel, and tungsten-cobalt fine-grain or ultra-fine grained carbide containing TaC or NbC is used. Such as YG6x, YG813, YW4, YD15 and so on.
Extreme pressure emulsions or vulcanized cutting oils should be used when milling stainless steel. The milling cutter speed of carbide alloy should be 40~60m/min. In order to avoid the cutting of the cutting edge in the hardened layer and accelerate the tool wear, the feed should be greater than 0.1mm. Some companies will use high-hard tools to process stainless steel. In fact, for 304, 202 and 202 ordinary stainless steel materials, you can use carbide tools. If processing 316 stainless steel, stainless steel after quenching and heat treatment, imported and high-hard stainless steel, in addition to high-hardness tools, the processing of stainless steel requires a sharper blade, preferably using stainless steel special tools of various well-known brands.