What is the cause of heating of stainless steel CNC machining workpieces?

It is recommended to first slow down the CNC speed and then use the existing stainless steel cutting fluid. If the effect is still not good, then replace the stainless steel cutting fluid with good quality. Recommended water-soluble high-efficiency cutting fluid of Lande Lubricant Company, the effect is good!
Water-based cutting fluids should generally be used in the following cases:
1. A place where oil-based cutting fluids are potentially dangerous to fire;
2. Cutting at high speed and large feed rate, making the cutting area exceed the high temperature, the smoke is fierce, and there is a danger of fire.
3. Consider the use of water-based cutting fluids in the flow of the front and rear processes.
4. It is desirable to reduce the pollution and dirt around the machine tool caused by the splashing of oil and the spread of oil, so as to keep the operating environment clean.
5. Considering from the price point of view, for the cutting processing of some easy-to-process materials to protect the surface quality of the workpiece, the general water-based cutting fluid can meet the requirements of use, and the cost of the cutting fluid can be greatly reduced.
When the durability of the tool occupies a large proportion of the economics of cutting (such as expensive tools, difficult sharpening tools, long loading and unloading assistance time, etc.); the precision of the machine tool is high, absolutely no water mixing is allowed (to avoid corrosion) Occasionally; where the lubrication system and cooling system of the machine tool are easy to collude and where there is no waste disposal equipment and conditions. Oil-based cutting fluids should be considered.