We can do more types of cnc processing

Shenzhen hardware machinery parts processing, Longhua computer processing, Longhua cnc processing, big wave cnc processing, Langkou computer processing, Longhua bus station computer processing, Shenzhen aluminum processing, Longhua heat sink processing, large wave aluminum panel processing, drawing panel processing , speaker panel processing, camera shell processing customized, audio and video shell custom-made, monitoring box made, small speaker shell custom-made, non-standard audio and video hardware shell processing, hardware parts small batch order, car heat sink processing, Longhua tooling test With, big wave smt fixture custom-made, printing fixture, positioning fixture, pcb fixture, Putian hardware processing, Buji hardware processing, Shiyan hardware processing, Gongming speaker panel processing, Guangming aluminum panel processing

The company has more than 60 high-quality outstanding employees, more than 10 designers and managers with senior professional titles. The company has product development team, CNC group, mold development team, automatic lathe workshop, sheet metal workshop, welding workshop. , product quality testing group and other departments.

The company’s products include non-automated equipment and its parts processing and hardware tooling test fixtures in two categories: 1. Hardware aluminum parts, non-standard equipment parts processing, to map custom processing, speaker panel, speaker panel processing, camera Shell processing custom, audio and video shell custom, monitoring box made, small speaker shell made, non-standard audio and video hardware shell processing, hardware parts small batch order, car heat sink processing, aluminum extruded heat sink, special hard aluminum parts , metal panels, non-standard parts processing, 5052 aluminum parts processing, toothed heat sink processing, etc.;

2. Fixtures: electronic assembly fixtures, solder fixtures, electric board positioning fixtures, battery test fixtures, battery assembly molds, product inspection test fixtures, measurement fixtures, assembly molds, bakelite fixtures, transparent plate treatment With, acrylic fixtures, fixtures, motorized equipment and equipment; non-standard parts processing: equipment parts processing, shaped workpiece processing, measuring fixture processing.

Products from development – design – molding – surface treatment (including polishing / anodizing / injection / plating / silk pad printing / printing, etc.) – finished assembly and other one-stop service, can be developed according to customer’s drawings or prototypes. The raw materials used include: plastic (bakelite, acrylic, superior glue, synthetic stone, etc.), copper, aluminum, stainless steel, iron, steel and other materials; long-term external processing of incoming materials, to map processing, on behalf of proofing , small batch trial production, Valet design and production. The company’s existing machinery and equipment: cnc machining center, carving machine, milling machine, automatic lathe, grinding machine, drilling machine, drilling machine, etc., can strive for customers in the shortest time market.