What is small batch production?

Depending on your needs, small batch production can mean making hundreds or thousands of test parts. Others may see small-volume production as a production plan starting with 10k or 50,000 pieces. Regardless of the small quantity, constants are small batch production that will bring your parts/products to market faster and save you money. There are four reasons why using injection molding for fast, small batch production can save you money.

1. When you are in the early stages of new product design, the cost of molds produced in small batches is low compared to mass production of molds, especially if you are not sure if product version 1.0 is the best version for mass production. . Small batch tools are more affordable and can provide parts to you faster. Small-volume production of a single cost is usually higher than mass production, but small-volume production does not require a large amount of capital for the project, and the risk is relatively small compared to direct investment in mold production.

2. You get the mold faster, which means you get the part faster, which means you can test faster, which means you can complete the design faster, which means you can be faster Enter the market. The competition is fierce and the speed is superior.

3. The quality of parts delivered from small batch molds is the same as that delivered from high volume molds. The point is that you don’t sacrifice quality, so you can be confident that the products you sell early will be sold directly to the market. Selling early products through online channels can fund the next round of tools that will be needed for the major retailers or distribution channels you have already logged into. Think of low production as a bridge to full production.

4. If you have a high-margin specialty product for a specific industry, you may not need a mold that can provide 250k parts or more. If you do well in the future, you only need to first enter the market to create another lucrative mold. I will sacrifice a little profit early in a new project to protect the project capital, which is the lifeblood of any project.

Regardless of your small batch production needs, CNC, 3D printing, injection molds… At DEYUCNC, we offer the right solution for you.