About the hardware material cnc processing when the knife trace solution

1. Reserve an appropriate amount of finishing allowance: In order to ensure that the appearance and size of the product reach the standard value, usually there will be a semi-finished tool path before the light knife, so the margin after semi-finishing is best guaranteed. Between 0.03mm and 0.15mm.

2. Reduce the programmed cutting tolerance: the dialog box will change due to different programming software, but the cutting tolerance is an indispensable setting parameter in programming, and the tolerance also directly affects the accuracy of the product. Exterior.

3. Optimize the overlap of the advance and retraction knives: After optimizing the program, although there will be overlapping marks at the advance and retreat knives, the embossing and splicing can be eliminated.

4. Online detection of the peak value of the tool: can improve the size and appearance.

5. Selective advance and retraction knife: Extend the advance and retraction cutter line, no matter whether it is the infeed or retraction, it does not contact the workpiece, which makes the processing surface smoother.