Structural features of box parts processing

Structural features of box parts processing
In general, the structure of the box parts is more complicated, and the inside is cavity-shaped, and the processing is mainly plane and hole. The analysis of the technical requirements for the box parts should be analyzed for the technical requirements of the planes and holes.

1. The accuracy of the plane requires that the design basis of the box parts is generally flat. The design basis of each hole and plane of the box is G surface, H surface and P surface. The G surface and the H surface are also the assembly reference of the box, so it High flatness and low surface roughness requirements.

2. Technical requirements for the hole system A series of holes, called hole systems, are required for the hole spacing and coaxiality on the box. In order to ensure the cooperation between the box hole and the bearing outer ring and the rotation accuracy of the shaft, the dimensional accuracy of the hole is IT7, and the geometric error of the hole is controlled within the dimensional tolerance range. In order to ensure the gear meshing accuracy, the dimensional accuracy between the hole axes, the parallelism between the hole axes, the coaxiality error of each hole on the same axis, and the perpendicularity error of the hole end face to the axis should have higher requirements.

3. Positional accuracy between the hole and the plane The parallelism requirement should be specified between the main hole on the box and the mounting base of the box.

Large processing machinery

4. Surface roughness The roughness of important and major surfaces affects the mating properties or contact stiffness of the joint.