How to control the accuracy of aluminum oxidation treatment?

DEYUCNC has been in contact with aluminum alloy for many years, and many customers have consulted the same problem. That is: Does the accuracy of mechanical parts have an effect during the oxidation process of aluminum?

Anodizing of CNC aluminum parts

Whenever a customer mentions this issue, we will inform the customer in detail:

The oxidation of aluminum does have an effect on the accuracy of mechanical parts, because oxidation is a chemical treatment that will modify the appearance of aluminum and increase the hardness of mechanical parts. This is also the chemical coating technology!

How to control the precision of mechanical parts during the oxidation process of aluminum?

If the process size of the fine mechanical parts thickness is requested, the process size of the machined parts or the negative difference size can be increased according to the exact size after the oxidation treatment, and the process request on the drawings can be achieved after the oxidation processing of the fine machined parts.

Part quality inspection

In the processing of aluminum alloy mechanical parts, not only the thickness of the paper is accurate, but also the size requirements of the fine hole, the step, the hole to the edge, etc., which are the same as the thickness request processing.

Aluminum oxidation has an impact on the precision of mechanical parts, but it can be controlled in DEYUCNC during processing and production, and can guarantee and meet the technical requirements on the customer’s drawings!