How to understand CNC precision parts processing in 10 seconds ?

CNC precision parts processing in the processing industry, pay attention to its accuracy, this is only a basic requirement, but also because of the high requirements, so the effect can be achieved better!

CNC precision parts processing has high production efficiency in many varieties and small batches, and can ensure stable processing quality, and can also reduce production preparation, high repeatability, machine adjustment and process inspection time, and use the best cutting amount. Reduce cutting time, and can process complex profiles that are difficult to machine with conventional methods, and even process unprocessable machining sites. It is also suitable for large quantities, high precision, and complicated processing. It is especially suitable for processing such as arc and taper. Not only can it effectively improve the material quality, the precision of the parts, the function, but also the durability of the parts can be greatly improved, and the quality of the whole machine can be improved. Precision machining is also good for improving the dimensional accuracy of parts, so the most direct effect is that the parts can be interchanged, which increases the wear resistance and service life of the parts.

The automation of CNC precision parts processing is very high, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers. Workers do not need to control the whole process in the process of machining, only need to observe and supervise the lathe. However, the technical content of the corresponding CNC machining is higher than that of the ordinary lathe, so CNC machining requires more mental labor than ordinary lathes.