How to improve the efficiency of CNC machining?

CNC machining is the most important thing for enterprises to improve. This is also a big test for CNC lathes. Today, Jiang Zhou Hardware explains how to improve the efficiency of CNC machining. Let’s take a look!

1. Ways to improve the efficiency of CNC machining: Although CNC machining technology is an integrated manufacturing technology, it cannot be separated from the corresponding management and supporting technologies. To improve the efficiency of CNC machining, it is necessary to improve understanding, change concepts, improve and strengthen each Corresponding supporting technical measures and management level.

2, focusing on innovative process methods: process technicians are an important guarantee in the production of products, process technicians must understand the parameters of each CNC machine tool, only in this way, can know what parts on which machine tools are highly efficient, CNC How to machine the parts on the machine tool can be processed quickly and without deformation. At present, the existing technology of the general company can not effectively improve the processing efficiency of CNC machine tools. It should be trained in relevant aspects, innovate in the process method, and improve the processing efficiency of CNC lathes.

CNC lathe machining

3. Flexible manufacturing: Flexible manufacturing system refers to a highly flexible and highly automated manufacturing system suitable for multi-variety, medium and small batch production, usually including more than 3 CNC machine tools (or machining centers). Flexibility is the biggest feature of FMS, that is, the ability of the system to adapt to the external environment. Automation refers to minimizing manual operations and even completely canceling them. FMS overcomes the limitations of traditional rigid automatic lines that are only suitable for mass production, and demonstrates the ability to adapt to multi-variety, small- and medium-volume manufacturing automation. With the society’s demand for product diversification, low-cost manufacturing, and short manufacturing cycle Urgently, due to advances in microelectronics, computer technology, communication technology, machinery and control technology, flexible manufacturing technology is developing rapidly and becoming more mature.

4. Conclusion: To improve the efficiency of CNC machining, it must be carried out from the aspects of concept change, talent training, process improvement, flexible manufacturing, equipment maintenance and comprehensive supporting management. After practice, it proves that the above method is effective and has been It is recognized by relevant business units and is being applied and promoted.

In a certain aspect, it is necessary to realize the operation method of the system, so that employees can better understand the performance of the machine, which will greatly improve the efficiency. After reading the above hope, it can help everyone!