How to control part error

In the processing of parts, the error is the most headache for all the industry players in this processing industry, and how to better control the error is also the goal of the industry players in this industry, because of the control error, It is equivalent to controlling the quality, and the quality is up to standard, which represents a steady stream of orders.

Today, we will talk about how to control the error better and more. First, the error may be generated when the operator processes the part, or the material quality may not be caused, or the material may be Some external factors are deformed during the processing. If you can clearly know what caused it, it is easy to control it.

1. Obtain the exact accuracy of the position: we can obtain it by multiple times the material is clamped;

2. Determine the margin of the machined workpiece: it can be obtained by various methods such as correction, estimation, analysis, etc.;

3. Determine the relationship between machining accuracy and machining error and original error;

4. Machining errors caused by material deformation due to process problems: can be controlled by strong table cooling, temperature deformation control, heat source reduction, machine structure improvement, etc.

5. Errors generated during the processing of parts: can be adjusted by means of scheduling, template, trial cutting, etc.

6. Error caused by residual stress of the workpiece: proper heat treatment of the workpiece and sufficient deformation time for the workpiece;

7. Improve the processing technology and processing accuracy: can be adjusted by transfer, compensation, equalization, reduction, homogenization, etc.;

As long as the above points can be implemented well, then the other is not a problem.

Because after all, the parts processing industry, only the maximum degree of error control, then the quality can be controlled, the error you can not control, how to talk about quality, no quality, there is no order, no order, then only wait “Close Zhang Daji”, because no matter who you are, don’t dare to send things to companies that don’t pay attention to quality, and think about it. If you receive unqualified products every day, after two or three times, you won’t Re-issue the order to the other party to produce it.

Error = quality

Quality = order

Order = development

Just grasp it yourself.