Ensure the safety of CNC lathe processing

CNC lathe processing plays a very important role in modern industrial and mechanical production. Because CNC lathes are expensive, people pay more attention to their care and safety hazards. The operator said that in order to reduce the safety risks of CNC lathes, the four points must be grasped when using.

1, the temperature, that is, the temperature of the environment placed on the CNC lathe. Although the inside of the lathe itself has an exhaust fan, if the outside temperature is too high, the individual parts may be damaged, thereby increasing the failure rate of the lathe. Not only that, temperature and humidity exceed the standard, but also the dust on the board, causing the risk of short circuit.

2, the environment. The placement of CNC lathes has certain requirements for the environment. Professionals say that the lathe can’t be placed in direct sunlight. If there is vibration source in the place, it should be removed in time. If you are willing to go it alone, it will inevitably lead to impaired precision and stability.

3, the power supply must meet the voltage required for the normal machining operation of the CNC lathe. If the voltage is unstable, it will affect the lathe work, and the lathe will “strike”. Therefore, before using the lathe, the operator should have a clear understanding of the power supply voltage.

4, familiar with the operation manual, that is, the operator is familiar with the functions of the CNC lathe, the role of the lathe parts, and the possible failures, do know. When using CNC lathe machining, each parameter setting must be within the required range.