Common CNC machining features

CNC machining, which is what we often say, uses computers to control machine operations. The operator combines the product requirements, performs computer programming, and then adds materials to the machine for processing. This technology is currently widely used in Xiamen, and it has several features.

1. Simplify machining procedures and reduce processing equipment. According to the introduction of CNC machining personnel in Xiamen, the process required to process products with traditional technology is very cumbersome. Now CNC machining is used, which greatly shortens the processing steps, reduces processing equipment, and saves costs for the enterprise. The data processing is highly targeted. If you change the part size, you only need to modify it by programming.

2, high processing efficiency, which is also a significant feature of CNC machining compared to traditional crafts. According to the Xiamen CNC processing plant, the technology is suitable for small-volume production. By calculating the optimal processing surface, the processing time of each link is shortened, and the processing rate is improved as a whole.

3. The quality is stable. According to the reaction of many manufacturers, the products manufactured by CNC numerical control processing are not only stable in quality, but the details of the processed products are basically flawless and the precision is high.

4, can process complex parts. Using traditional methods to machine complex parts often has problems such as low precision, but according to China CNC processors, CNC machining is also suitable for complex parts that are difficult to machine, and the quality is guaranteed.