Which materials of CNC small batch hardware parts can be electropolished ?

CNC small batch hardware parts processing, carbon steel can be electrolytically polished? Can stainless steel be electropolished? Will it rust after electropolishing?

DEYU Precision answers you one by one:
In CNC small-volume hardware parts processing, carbon steel parts and stainless steel parts can be electrolytically polished, and aluminum alloy parts are also available. Electrolytic polishing is the anodic erosion under the specific conditions of metal parts; the surface quality of electrolytic polishing is good, and the solution is stable and does not generate harmful gases. It is much better than ordinary polishing and liquid polishing; there is no rust in the workpiece.

The following is an introduction to the materials used in electropolishing:

1. The application range of stainless steel electropolishing is very wide. It can be used in a variety of 200, 300 and 400 series stainless steel polishing processes, and is widely used in industries such as stainless steel products and industrial equipment;
2, aluminum electrolysis: a part of aluminum in the 1000-7000 series;
3. Electrolytic polishing of copper: copper and copper alloy workpieces;
4, alloy electropolishing: high temperature alloy molybdenum, Ni-Mn alloy, nickel-based alloy;
5, low alloy steel electropolishing: 4130, 4140, but this steel will have rust after electrolytic polishing.