What are the parts processing technologies of Shenzhen Machinery Processing Factory?

Ultra-high-speed machining technology in the processing of parts processing in Shenzhen DEYUCNC machinery processing plant in China is an important part of precision machining technology. Because precision machining requires high accuracy and small error standards, it is necessary to work on machine tools and super-hard materials to solve these problems. problem. Solve the material cutting speed and so on by improving the high-precision machining capability of the machine tool.

So what is the ultra-high-speed machining skill? Let’s take a closer look:

Ultra-high-speed machining skills refer to modern machining skills that use super-hard data cutting tools to improve data removal rate, machining accuracy and machining quality by greatly improving cutting speed and feed rate.

The cutting speed limitations of ultra-high-speed machining in the DEYUCNC mechanical processing plant in Shenzhen, China vary depending on the workpiece data and the different cutting methods. At present, it is generally believed that the cutting speed limit of ultra-high-speed cutting various materials is: aluminum alloy has exceeded 1600m/min, cast iron is 1500m/min, super-heat-resistant nickel alloy reaches 300m/min, and titanium alloy reaches 150~1000m/min. The fiber reinforced plastic is 2000~9000m/min.
The cutting speed limits of various cutting processes are: turning 700~7000m/min, milling 300~6000m/min, drilling 200~1100m/min, grinding more than 250m/s and so on.

Ultra-high-speed machining skills include: ultra-high-speed cutting and grinding mechanism research, ultra-high-speed spindle unit manufacturing skills, ultra-high-speed feed unit manufacturing skills, ultra-high-speed machining tools and abrasive manufacturing skills, ultra-high-speed machining online active detection and control Skills, etc.

Ultra-fine machining at that time means that the dimensional accuracy of the machined parts is higher than 0.1μm, the appearance roughness Ra is less than 025μm, and the resolution and repeatability of the machine tool positioning accuracy is higher than 0.01μm. Level processing skills and are working on nanoscale processing skills.

Superfine processing skills of Shenzhen Machinery Processing Factory in China include: research on the mechanism of ultra-fine processing, research on equipment manufacturing skills of ultra-fine processing, research on ultra-fine processing and sharpening skills, research on ultra-fine measurement skills and error compensation skills, super fine Prerequisites on the status of processing tasks.