Welcome small-scale custom production of CNC machined aluminum parts

DEYUCNC specializes in high-precision small-volume and high-volume outsourcing processing, custom production and processing of CNC aluminum parts.
In the context of the global integration of the economy and the supply chain, the entire world’s production chain is integrated.
We have been focusing on the custom manufacturing and processing services for high-end mechanical parts in the European and American markets for 12 years.
We have completed the processing of metal parts with different requirements, including CNC aluminum machining parts, stainless steel, brass and various non-metal parts in Shenzhen, China with lower production cost, more punctual delivery time and better testing measures.
Low-cost operation allows us to take the lead in market competition. Good service allows us to have a pleasant working experience with every partner.
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For more information please contact our sales sales@deyucnc.com