How to cut metal?

Metal cutting: It means that a layer of cutting is performed on the surface of the workpiece to cut off the excess metal, thus forming a cutting process.

However, under the action of the rake face of the tool, the metal will be deformed by extrusion, and the stress surface will gradually become larger, resulting in plastic slip. When the stress reaches the strength limit, the shear slip will be squeezed to form. Chips, so that the effect of cutting off excess gold genus can be achieved.

There are also several types of metal chipping:

1. Ribbon chip: High-speed but small feed processing with large rake cutter for smooth cutting and smooth surface, but it is easy to scratch the finished surface due to continuous and unsafe cutting.

2. Nodular chip: When processing medium-hardness steel at low speed and large feed rate, the metal undergoes elastic deformation, plastic deformation, cracking and cutting, and the surface of the workpiece will be rough due to large fluctuations in cutting.

3. Crushing chips: When making cast iron and brittle materials such as brass, the heat and strength of the cutting are concentrated on the cutting edge and the cutting edge when the chip is formed, so that the tool is more likely to wear off.