Grinding characteristics

The grinding process has an accuracy of IT6-IT5 and a low roughness of Ra0.8-0.2. This precision can be used on workpieces with high surface requirements because the grinding tool is also a grinding wheel. There are many cutting edge surfaces on the surface of the grinding wheel that can be operated at the same time, and it is also a better processing method for some materials that are difficult to process.

Its grinding force has a large radial component, and it needs to be repeated several times after reaching the required size.
No feed grinding, plus the grinding wheel has a self-sharpening effect, the so-called self-sharp, that is, the old one when the grinding particles move into action
The abrasive particles will continue to fall off, and the new abrasive particles are sharper, so its blades are always front.
Advantages, its advantages are not available in other tools.

The cutting speed is 30m/s or more, and the cutting temperature is as high as 1000 degrees or more, so When using, use coolant to cool to avoid damage to the equipment.