CNC machining titanium alloys is difficult, and it is easy to master these machining processes

1, the material properties of titanium alloy
The specific strength (strength to weight ratio) of titanium alloy is very high in metal structural materials, its strength is comparable to steel, but its weight is only 57% of the material. In addition, titanium and its alloys have high heat resistance, and can maintain good strength and stability in the atmosphere of 500 ° C, and the working temperature can be even higher in a short time. Titanium alloy has the characteristics of small specific gravity, high thermal strength, good thermal stability and corrosion resistance, but the material is difficult to cut and has low processing efficiency. So how to overcome the difficulty of processing titanium alloys, the difficulty of low efficiency has always been our problem.

2, the cutting of titanium alloy
Titanium alloy turning is easy to obtain better surface roughness, and the work hardening is not serious, but the cutting temperature is high and the tool wears quickly. In response to these characteristics, the following measures are mainly taken in terms of tools and cutting parameters:
Tool material: YG6/YG8/YG10HT is selected according to the existing conditions of the factory.
Tool geometry parameters: suitable tool front and rear angles, tool nose rounding.
Low cutting speed, moderate feed rate, deep cutting depth, sufficient cooling, the tool tip cannot be higher than the center of the workpiece when the outer circle is round, otherwise it is easy to tie the knife, perfect the car and turn the thin-walled parts The angle is large, generally 75 to 90 degrees.