CNC Drilling range

CNC Drilling range

    Because of the special nature of the drilling process, it can process a variety of different hole shapes, such as reaming, drilling, taper, column hole, boss, reaming, eye pit and tapping.

    It is to process the hole that has been drilled or cast again. We call it a reaming. Because the reaming drill is very similar to the twist drill, there is no cross-blade, and there are about 4 cutting edges. It has higher precision, so most of the reaming is used in the last process of hole processing because its surface roughness can reach 6.3-3.2μm.


    The reamer is also divided into a reamer and a machine reamer, the hand reamer is a straight shank, and the machine reamer is a taper shank, because the reamer has 6-12 blades, so that the precision of the hole processed by the reamer is relatively high. The surface roughness can reach 1.6-0.4μm, but in the case of reamer splitting and machine use, the speed of the hand hinge will be slower and the processing efficiency is low, but because it is not affected by vibration, the quality of the machine will be better than that of the machine tool. The hinged hole is better because the machine reamer is subject to machine vibration when used on the machine.

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