CNC machining hand-held pan/tilt parts

 Handheld pan/tilt stabilizers should not be unfamiliar to everyone. At present, such products on the market are mainly divided into two camps. One is a stand-alone handheld pan/tilt stabilizer that needs to be combined with a mobile phone. The advantage of this device is that it is cheaper, and it can also be very well adapted to the user's mobile phone or sports camera, and upgrade the video recording device. There is also no need to replace the gimbal, and the service life will be relatively long. The corresponding shortcoming is that the matching degree is not very good. Because it is suitable for various mobile phones or sports cameras, the torque of the motor will also bring relatively loud noise. To accommodate the size of different devices, the angle at which the pan/tilt can be rotated will also be Affected to a certain extent. At the same time, since such devices mainly use a jig to fix a video device such as a mobile phone, if there is a scene of vigorous movement during actual use, it is easy to cause looseness to drop the device.

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